Twintania The Goblet Ward 17 Plot 46

Every Friday
5 PM ST to 8 PM ST

Welcome to your relaxation hot spot, from cake and tea with cute music, to drinks and dancing to the best metal around! We are here to help you relax! Don't be shy! pop on by!

Jinshu Meido Kissa Code of conduct

  • As a heavy-roleplaying venue, Jinshu Meido Kissa encourages people to stay in character and within the current constraints of the lore.

  • As a Rp Venue we expect weapons and minions to be hidden.

  • FFXIV is a Teen-rated game and we request players adhere to that rating in public RP.

  • Please note a change of clothes might be in order as the upstairs area is meant for Clothed patrons only, there is a space upstairs which you can use to change when moving downstairs

  • "Looking to mend" status is for the staff only. If you're in character we recommend you using the "roleplay" status next to your name, if you're out of character we recommend you use your "sprout" or "online" status

Jinshu welcomes people new to RP, especially those who are nervous or new to the idea. If that's you, we'd love you to show up and passively observe if you want!
Or, you can ping Yuliang in game if you'd prefer a private session or introductions. I will always make time for you!

Only engage in RP that you are comfortable with! If you're concerned about any RP happening in the venue, reach out to Yuliang.

If it is breaking TOS, reach out to the security immediately.
When using certain mods, please bear your fellow players in mind when using them.
They may be unaware that their character appears different on your screen and for some this could be distressing or even triggering.
Please do not call attention to them, either in (IC) or out (OOC) of character.
If you experience upsetting behaviour in this manner, please report this to the security team.
Finally, have fun.
Engage in RP and themes that you enjoy and take satisfaction in. Be kind and respectful to your fellow players and enjoy the rich world that Square Enix has given us!